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Magic Flame - 2 pack Cooking Fuel (6 hours)

Magic Flame - 2 pack Cooking Fuel (6 hours)

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This gel  cooking fuel will be keeping your food dishes warm so you can enjoy spending time with your guests. Packaged in a bulk pack with three cans of fuel, these are an ideal heat source for chafing dishes, fondue sets, and you can even use them for cooking on camping stoves. This fuel is alcohol based so you can light it with a match and after use, simply snuff the flame by sliding the inverted cover over the top of the can. A multi-purpose cooking fuel, you can depend on it for indoor and outdoor functions throughout the year.

  • Each 200g size will burn between 120 to 180 minutes
  • For chafing dish, fondue or camping
  • Indoor or outdoor use
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